It’s free to talk to us and you won’t get in trouble.

If you feel that something isn’t right or if you want some advice, you can talk to our team. We’ll help you if we can. If we can’t look into your concern, we’ll help you find someone who can.

What is Oranga Tamariki?

Oranga Tamariki runs services for children and young people. It provides things like early support, emergency help, care, adoption and youth justice.

Oranga Tamariki

What are care or custody providers?

These are places that care for children and young people who can't live with their family.
You can talk to us about anything that’s worrying you.

Tell your story

Do you want to talk? Contact us.

Tell your story

Are you worried
about your safety,
or the safety of someone else?


Oranga Tamariki on 0508 326 459

The Police on 111