The two organisations are:

  • Mana Mokopuna | the Children and Young People's Commission, and
  • Aroturuki Tamaraki | the Independent Children's Monitor.

We each have our own jobs to do. Sometimes we share information, if it helps to fix your problem. We also share information to prevent harm to a child or young person. 

This video shows how we all work together.


If you’re unsure about who you should be speaking to, you can reach out to any of us. If we’re not the right people to help you, we’ll work with you to get you to the right place.

Find information about Mana Mokopuna - Children and Young People's Commission on their website:

Mana Mokopuna - Children and Young People's Commission

Find information about Aroturuki Tamariki | Independent Children’s Monitor on their website:

Aroturuki Tamaraki | Independent Children's Monitor

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