Peter Boshier is the Chief Ombudsman

Peter’s story starts in Gisborne, where he grew up. He moved to Wellington to study law, graduating in 1975. 

Peter had a successful career in the law before becoming Chief Ombudsman. He worked as a judge in the District and Family Courts. He became the Principal Family Court Judge of New Zealand. Before taking the job of Chief Ombudsman in 2015, Peter was a Law Commissioner. 

Peter has also spent time in the Pacific. In 2000, he received the Samoan Matai title of Misa. 

In his role as Chief Ombudsman, Peter is supported by over 200 staff in Wellington and Auckland. 

Peter is guided in his work with Māori by a group called Pūhara Mana Tangata.

Read about Pūhara Mana Tangata on the Ombudsman website 

Peter also has a Disability Advisory Panel called Te Rōpū Kaiārahi Hauātanga.

Read about Te Rōpū Kaiārahi Hauātanga on the Ombudsman website 

Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier sitting down in a garden

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