Our investigators come from different cultures. They are thoughtful and kind. Our investigators are easy to talk to about the things that have happened to you. We can help you find support if these things are hard to talk about. 

Our investigators follow three values when speaking with you.


We respect your mana. We listen and make sure we understand your concerns and worries. We will keep what you tell us safe. We will do our best to help you.


We make sure that you and those around you feel supported when you talk to the Ombudsman. This means we'll offer support to you and your family and those who care for you. If you're Māori, this may include your hapū and iwi.


Our investigators must remain fair when we carry out an investigation. This means we can't take sides. We’ll respect and support you. We ask you to treat our investigators with the same respect.

It’s free to talk to the Ombudsman and you won’t get in trouble.

Remember - anything you tell us is confidential. Confidential means we will keep what you tell us secret. We will only share something if:

  • it helps to fix your complaint, or
  • to prevent harm to a child or young person, including yourself.
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